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How to get ranked on Google – On page One!

Have you ever wondered how to get your website ranked on Google?  Imagine the marketing benefits of showing up ahead of your competitors on the largest search engine!

We got ranked on Google – and you can too!

Lucky for you it’s really not all that complicated and we’re going to teach you how to do it!  If you found us on google then we can help people find you too!  While there is so much to expand on in regards to ranking on google we are going to start off with the most important aspect today!  Producing appropriate Keyword rich content that is not already oversaturated is enough to get you on google. This gets you started while you learn the additional steps to continually improve your rankings!

The key to getting your website ranked on google is creating content that people want to see.  Search engine optimization is really not all that complicated on the end of a web creator.  Simply put, you need to talk about things related to your website that are searched often enough for people to be looking, and not covered so often that you get drowned out by already established websites.

The key to doing this is having a research program that tells you which topics and keywords have the highest potential for being ranked on google. While there are many alternatives we are going to tell you about our personal favourite, and the one that we use for this website.  It is called Jaaxy

In the beginning it is important to focus on keywords that are in lower demand to build up your traffic. Once your website is established with enough good content you can branch into topics that are widely covered.

There are so many opportunities in the world of online business.  If you are thinking about embarking on a journey of online entrepreneurship check out our advise here!

So what is so great about Jaaxy

Well first of all, you can use it for free!  We love when there is a free option so that you  can enjoy all the benefits without upgrading unless you’re sure that the service is worth it! [disclaimer: if you decide to check it out please use our link – if you love it and upgrade we will get a small commission to help support this website and it does not change the price for you].

To give you an idea of the most basic searches available on Jaaxy we have included a small search box below that you can check out!

Additionally, Jaaxy cannot only tell you how good your topic ideas are, but also help suggest other relevant topics if you’re feeling stuck on ideas!

Already have a good start to your site and just want to improve some rankings? no problem!

Want to add additional revenue sources to your website? Also no problem – Jaaxy can suggest relevant affiliate programs for you too!  This keyword tool is so much more than just that!

Why would anyone ever upgrade?

While Jaaxy has plenty available for free here is a quick comparison of the benefits to upgrading.  Additionally, If you want a full education on online entrepreneurship (also available as a FREE option) you can join the Wealthy Affiliate Program. By doing this you receive tonnes of educational material to build your website and gain access to Jaaxy free through your membership there [this is what we do here are CYW].

**click the image  below to goto their site for a larger & clearer comparison**

Ranked on Google

Wealthy Affiliate is partnered with Jaaxy as their primary research source. You can have a look at their available memberships below. Click the image to sign up under us if you’re interested in giving it a try! 🙂 Don’t be afraid to get in touch if you have any questions.

4 thoughts on “How to get ranked on Google – On page One!

  1. The search method is fairly simple and straightforward.

    If you’re a niche market, how can you cover a broad range of topics, which means that a website needs to be built with sufficient quality content?

    How much traffic should I replace low-demand keywords with competitive keywords? Should we look at it from a time perspective?

    1. Hi Minjun,

      Even in a niche market there is generally lots to cover before branching out! Take apples for example – you could go over varieties, ways to cut, ways to prepare, ways to cook, places to source them, how to grow them, etc.  Almost any niche can have multiple very closely related topics within it.  I highly recommend that you stick as close to your niche as possible initially.  Once you are seen as a trusted source within that industry you can start to expand a little further if you wish.

      Low demand vs competitive keywords can definitely make a difference.  I tend to stick to the low demand keywords until you have some steady traffic.  Overall, having low demand keywords so that people are finding your website is what allows you to build enough authority online to begin ranking more competitive keywords as well.  The only reason that I may publish based on an in demand keyword early on would be if I already had the perfect audience to market it to.  For example, a solid instagram following that I know would read it.  Otherwise, having an article that no-one can find because you’re low man on the totem pole of search engines in the beginning doesn’t do a whole lot of good when it comes to driving traffic to your website.  If you can right a great article and direct people there throughout your low demand keyword articles, or other avenues then that is probably the time to consider adding a few more competitive keywords.

      It is also important to remember that there can be many keywords throughout your article.  You may not rank for a competitive keyword that you centre your article around, but could still be found in search engines under different keywords for the same article!

      Quality content and consistent additions are the key.  Rome wasn’t build in a day and your reputation can’t be either! 🙂 Keep at it, persistence and hard work win out in the end.

  2. Forget being ranked, I am struggling to get indexed on Google. In the beginning it was easier to get indexed on Google but now it seems like my articles are not being indexed. Could you please help me with that. After I get indexed, I will come back to you so you can show me how I can be ranked on Google 

    1. Hi Aubin,

      That is a great question.  You do need to be indexed before you can be ranked.  I will be posting a longer article on that later tonight.

      The two most important factors for indexing are going to be having quality content that google considers worth noting, and ensure that the bots are able to find your website and pages.  The first is fairly straight forward – appropriate keywords and content length that provides value to the targeted audience.  The second is often a matter of making sure that your sitemap is up to date and has been submitted in google’s webmaster tools.  You can also request that they crawl a specific page, when doing so you are much more likely to be indexed in a timely manner provided the page contains quality content that google may want to later display.

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