Summer Scheduling


As Spring kicks into full swing with Summer just around the corner things always start to get  busy.  Sports and outdoor activities are a frequent time consumer, as is yard clean up, gardening, barbecuing, and of course finding some time to just enjoy the beautiful weather.  Thankfully with the longer daylight hours and a little scheduling there really can be time for it all.

CYW has put together a few tips along with printable day, week, and month planners to help you get organized for a productive, enjoyable, and stress free summer!  **CALENDARS TO BE POSTED NEXT WEEK AND USEABLE YEAR ROUND**

Please feel free to print yourself as many copies as you’d like, and share with friends including a link back to our website 🙂  If there’s anything else you’d like to see feel free to leave it in the comments or shoot an email our way.

Scheduling Wisely:

If your days involve a typical 9-5 job or 8 hour shift then planning becomes a matter of fitting it all in, if you’re able to schedule you’re own work hours then it can be equally difficult to make sure everything gets a place and you stick to some kind of schedule or routine.

The weather is a big factor when it comes to summer activities so it can be a huge help to keep an eye on the forecast.  Often times mid day is the hottest time and with the humidity it can be a great time of day to focus on indoor tasks such as cooking, cleaning, advertising, computer tasks and book work.  If you have a daytime office job this part is already taken care of for you and you may even be lucky enough to have some great air conditioning to work in!

Heavy lifting and yard work tasks are often best completed early morning.  This allows them to be finished before work while you still have fresh energy and the weather is often most appropriate for physical outdoor jobs this time of day.  Additionally, most group activities such as family dinners, kids sports, or recreational groups and meet ups tend to happen in the evening so leaving this space open for some social time or a chance to relax on the deck can be a great way to refresh after a long day.

Planning your day around work hours and heat can have a huge impact on how much energy you have left to enjoy the evening hours!  Additionally, rain can be a factor when it comes to outdoor activities and yard work so having a look ahead in your weekly planner to ensure that such things are slotted in for appropriate days can be a great way to minimize conflicts when the weather won’t allow for certain tasks to be completed.

 **check back next week for some free downloadable daily, weekly, and monthly planners**

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