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Staying Energized During Self Isolation – How to Regain Enthusiasm Now

Staying Energized During Self IsolationStaying Energized During Self Isolation!

A common frustration at the moment is finding ways to stay productive while most of the world is stuck home. Productivity and energy can go hand in hand. Thankfully, there are many ways to help you stay energized during self isolation!

Whether your local term is self isolation, shelter in place, or quarantine order, it is all to reduce the spread.  The spread of an infectious virus, covid 19.  This is a major disruption to our daily routines and interactions with friends, family and colleagues.  Subsequently, it can throw off your productivity, energy and contentment in all areas of life.  CYW has put together a list of just a few tips that we find helpful for getting back into a routine.  Your new routine can be the difference between getting stuck or coming out of this having accomplished a lot more than we thought possible!  There are absolutely ways to keep you energized during self isolation :).

Schedule the day to fit your needs…

Quarantine weeks are a great time to enjoy a little extra freedom in your schedule!  Many people are working from home or have reduced work hours.   Some are even entirely off work for the time being, until their area’s state of emergency has been lifted.  This doesn’t have to be all bad though! There are so many ways to both enjoy the break and get a little extra accomplished during this time.  Think of all the time spared in your usual morning commute. You have gained all of the hours waiting in lines or wandering around stores. All of that time is now available for whatever you choose to temporarily replace those activities with – make it worth while!

Having a little extra freedom and flexibility in your schedule can be a great thing!  Remember to prioritize enough time in for the important things though!  Here are a few suggestions for how to fit it all in, and not end up wasting the days away!

Prioritize and allot time accordingly

We recommend starting off by making a list of what you would like to get done each day. Next, choose a rough time slot for each task to ensure that everything fits in.  Make sure to include either designated meal times, or a meal prep time. This ensures you can easily slide in healthy, tasty and nutritious meals quickly where necessary.

If you need some ideas for quick and easy summer snacks check out our recommendations!

Strategically set your hours for the best chance of success

Choose your most productive hours for the routine work that you find hardest to do – whether that be first thing in the morning, mid day, or evening.  Use the time you find it easiest to be focused and productive for the tasks that you may otherwise procrastinate.  That could be scheduling for work, writing reports, or doing the house cleaning and chores at home.  Favourite tasks and least favourite alike all still need to be completed. You may as well set yourself up for the best chance at success.

setting up your workspace…

Additionally, make your “home office” or work place cozy and a place you like to be. Once you have established this keep it as exactly that – your home office!  Even if you live in a small apartment and that office has to be a corner of the bedroom. Ensure that you set your workspace up to be a positive area, but don’t let it mix with other tasks.  If the couch is where you sit to watch TV or have a nap then it will be much harder to be productive in that space so choose accordingly.

Likewise, if your office is set up like a jail cell you will spend more time thinking about how much you hate being in there then you will actually getting anything done.  Brighten it up and make it a place that is comfortable and visually appealing.  A little sunlight through open curtains and nice scents from candles, air fresheners or diffusers.  Add something small and homey to decorate with, it can go a long way to making your work enjoyable.  Having fresh tea or coffee near by along with some fruit or other healthy snacks can be a great pick me up as well.

If you’re still finding you struggle to remain focused throughout your work time slots check out our tips on “How to Stay Focused”.

Freshen up mid day

Set aside some time mid day for a little exercise and fresh air to re-energize before getting back to the real work.  Most areas are still recommending that people get out to walk the dog, spend time in the back yard, or go for a bike ride – if this is the case in your area be sure to take advantage!  The benefits of sunlight, fresh air and light exercise are countless.

Getting outside is a great way to brighten up the day. Enjoy some fresh air every day! Just be sure to keep your distance and follow the safety recommendations and requirements for your area.  This could be as simple as going for a walk around the neighbourhood. Alternatively, throw a ball around in the backyard if someone living in your immediate household is also available.  If you are lucky enough to have company isolating with you right now then make the most of it and enjoy your time with them.

Plan for the future – don’t get stuck on lockdown only

Set aside a little time each day to set yourself up better for the future.  This one is very important – it will keep you motivated, engaged, and learning. Always looking forward to what is still to come rather than stuck in what the world is right now. 

Starting up a new online business is a great way to go, or learning a new skill that you can do with what you have at home.  A few ideas include crafting, investing, learning a musical instrument, calligraphy, learning a new language, programming a simple computer game, setting up a website or social media account to share your knowledge or humour, or setting up an online business to create another income stream that will last well beyond this pandemic. Whatever you choose, make sure that you come out of this time with something more than you went into it with!

If a new business venture is your choice we highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  That is our affiliate link and WA is the site we have chosen to learn from.  There is an option to create an entirely free account and get your first website up and running for free. There is no requirement to ever go paid if you are happy with the basic features available.  If you choose to venture down another path and learn other skills CYW wishes you the best of luck as well. We hope that you come out of this quarantine feeling like you accomplished something new that you may otherwise not have found the time for.

Include self care

Make sure that there is a little time left over each day for something you enjoy.  Reading a quiet book, watching a favourite tv show, spending time with family (if you are lucky enough to live with others at this time), having a hot bath, or sitting outside to reflect are all examples of time that may feel unproductive but is very beneficial to your wellbeing. Do your favourite things regularly, but in moderation.

Take a little time each day to look at the positive.  Some people like meditation, stretching, affirmations, or reading a self help book.  Even if you choose to just browse Instagram for some positive quotes, or follow an inspirational journey of someone that motivates you, make sure there is something positive that you can take out of each day.  If you’re looking for some inspiration in the form of quotes check out our Instagram account @chooseyourweek for some of our favourites.

Fit small frequent bouts of movement into your day

Want to come out of this way healthier, stronger, and fitter than you went in?!  That is entirely possible even if you truly hate scheduled workouts.

If you enjoy following a workout class there are many options. These include online programs, DVDs, and youtube.  When you’re up for full workout sessions go for it! If that isn’t your style it doesn’t mean you can’t sneak small parts in throughout the day and still see improvements.

It’s possible to improve even without ever feeling like you really had to do an hour sweat session.  Frequent movement is so good for a person’s overall health! It can even be done in multiple 2-5minute increments if you never have a real chunk of time that you want to spend fitness.  Make a list of a variety of exercises to complete each day (don’t forget basic stability and physio exercises if they apply to you).  There are many more qualified websites with fitness ideas searchable on the internet should you need suggestions.

Each time you are ready to switch tasks or need a quick break choose something off your list to do.  For example, 10 push ups before starting the work day or 15 russian twists 45 minutes in. This can serve as a quick break and chance to stretch.  You next break may include 12 biceps curls with weights or a suitable household product an hour later. Throughout the day it will all add up and you will quickly find those exercises become easier.  Don’t think that you can’t improve your fitness just because you hate working out or don’t have a home gym – that mid day walk isn’t enough on its own but fitting more in doesn’t need to be hard either!

Contribute to your community

Staying connected while everyone is physically separate can be so important.  There are many ways to do this.  Many of the options for this will be location dependent. However, you could choose to donate time in many ways. A few ways include offering help to an organization or picking up groceries for at risk individuals in your area if time is what you have to offer.  If you have the means to contribute financially, consider supporting local businesses by ordering take out, curb side pick up, or online delivery.

No matter where you are there is likely a way to support your community. Doing so helps to keep everyone working together – while physically apart.  Stay safe, follow your areas laws, guidelines and recommendations. Just don’t forget that everyone else is also just trying to get by while doing the same in these less than ideal times.

Make sure your days start and end – don’t just blend together

this is key in staying energized during self isolation

Have a set start and end to every day, and set work hours within those days.  For example, you may be able to wake up a little later without the morning commute, or enjoy a slower morning routine. Just make sure that you have a plan as to how you want the mornings to go.  Then take that plan and make it your routine while modifying as needed.  Hallway traffic jams are definitely still a thing if there are animals and other people in the house – so prepare for a little extra “commute” time.

Spreading your work out through the day can be a great thing if you have that luxury. However, make sure that there is still a point in the day during which you finish and enjoy doing something else before bed – a time which should be set within reason. Shifting your day/night hours a little to best fit your productivity and habits can be a great thing where possible. Just don’t let day and night swap entirely. It is important to set yourself up to also be successful transitioning back to a more normal routine eventually.

Feel free to leave more tips in the comments below if you have found these suggestions helpful. Likewise, please add others that you feel may benefit the community as well.

2 thoughts on “Staying Energized During Self Isolation – How to Regain Enthusiasm Now

  1. It seems that it has been a long time since it became a home office. There are advantages to not commuting to and from work, but the long term feels dry physically and mentally.

    I do most of my work from home. There are also many conveniences. I also have the disadvantage of skipping meals when I start working. I’m also worried because my bedtime is being reduced too much or I’m changing into an irregular life pattern.

    Of course, I have a well-planned schedule, but once I focus on work, my time is seldom managed well.

    Is there any effective task management for someone like me?

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with working from home.  I suggest trying to set a

      “Work time” in your schedule and then use a timer to help remind you to follow through with work and break times, as well as ending the day at an appropriate hour to enjoy some downtime in the evenings.

      I’m regards to the dullness of always working from home perhaps try mixing it up a little.  Find a quite coffee shop to spend the morning working in (assuming you’re able to find the off chunk of time without any vocal or video meetings), or try to head over to a friends place to enjoy some company while working individually and a friend during the break time.  If you’re in a climate appropriate area working on the back deck or balcony can be very refreshing while still low on distractions.  Getting as much fresh air as possible and social time outside of work can have a great impact as well :).

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